DIGITECH 2013: Exhibit 252

FAMU-FSU Robosub

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Project Team

Sondra Miller, Senior in Electrical Engineering
Kyle Miller, Senior in Mechanical Engineering
Santiago Franco, Senior in Mechanical Engineering
Stuart Royal, Senior in Mechanical Engineering
Gregory Robertson, Senior in Mechanical Engineering
Darryl McGowan, Senior in Electrical Engineering
Alex Smith, Senior in Electrical Engineering

Project Oversight

School: College of Engineering > Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Oversight: Kamal Amin, Michael Frank, Jonathan Clark, Bruce Harvey, Chiang Shih
Course Oversight: EEL4914C,EML4552C


The RoboSub competition is an annual international competition hosted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) in San Diego, CA. The goal of the competition is to construct and program a fully-autonomous underwater vehicle capable of completing specified tasks. The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering aims to participate in the competition as part of a multidisciplinary senior design project consisting of mechanical and electrical engineering undergraduates.

The student team is tasked with developing the physical body of the submarine as well as working with computer vision, control systems, microprocessors, and sensors to develop a complex mechatronic system. The College of Engineering hopes this to be the first year to take the student-designed vehicle to the competition in San Diego this July.

Unique Features

Our submarine implements a huge variety of robotic components, and it was fully designed by the students. The project is an application of four years worth of engineering education and employs a computer vision system capable of recognizing colors and shaped as well as a redesigned hull with a simple, maintainable design.