DIGITECH 2013: Exhibit 221

Fused Software

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Project Team

Bryant Joseph, Junior in Media Production
Connor Grady, Sophomore in Computer Science

Project Oversight

Independent Work


Fused Software is a registered Apple Developer and Genivia Grant recipient. Fused Software has always sought to create apps that simplify and unify. Each product aligns with this goal in one way or another.

This year, Fused Software is showcasing a new product currently in early stages of development called Entree. Entree is web based restaurant Point of Sale system and tablet kiosk. It would enable restaurants to increase efficiency, lower costs, and most importantly, create a better customer service experience. Fused Software is working with local restaurant Tallahassee Smokehouse to refine the concept and engineer it to work in the real world.

Additionally, Fused Software will be showing and promoting the app "Fused" which now has a working build.

Unique Features

Fused is an iOS app that lets you post to any or all of your social networks at once in one simple app. It seeks to simplify the process of posting to social networks. It allows you to add photos and location information easily. The app is free and can be customized to prioritize your most used social networks.

With Entree, waiters would be given compact tablets for them to input orders right from the table. The tablets would push the information back to the kitchen in the same way a traditional Point of service system would work.

On each table, there would also be a tablet set up that would show daily specials and promotions.
If the customer chose to, they could interact with the tablet that would give them access to pictures, prices, and nutrition information in a dynamic interactive environment. The analytics information gathered from these tablets would be available to the restaurant.

Both of these systems work together to create a unified restaurant workflow that generates value for the business and the customer.