DIGITECH 2013: Exhibit 202

ZYMBiO: First Symbiotic Mechanism of its Kind

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Project Team

Axel Hadfeg, Senior in Computational Biology

Project Oversight

Independent Work


A complete novelty, ZYMBiO is a complex macro organism consisting of both AI and organic composition. It is self sustainable, the electricity that powers its movements is generated by bacteria it harbors inside. The bacteria relies on its robotic body to mobilize itself throughout a plane. As a robot containing organic pathways, ZYMBiO may as well be the first android to metabolize organic matter, an essential criteria for life.

Unique Features

A symbiotic relationship between organic and inorganic matter, compacted in a fit mechanism.
Power supply generated by a biocell with the sole purpose of mobilizing the main contraption so as to provide nutrients for the power supply, and so ad infinitum. (Strife for survival)
* A simple and cheap way of analyzing food searching behavior.
* The basis provides ample applications, such as a means of introducing a free roaming, controlled mechanism to an ecosystem and so impart effects to neutralize adverse environmental effects.